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Thank you for visiting Blank Page Illustration!

My name is Martha Kolokotroni. I was born and raised in Greece and currently live in Berlin.

I work as an illustrator, who mainly focuses on children's books, and also enjoys creating logos, brands and games. 

Blank page is not only a challenge but also an opportunity for me.

An opportunity:

* to experiment with different ways of representation

* to play around with colours and shapes

* to bring together imaginary worlds with elements of real life

* to discover new tools and methods in writing and illustrating 

* to bring in life a new whole story

In my page you can see examples of my work related to different forms of illustration:

children's books illustrations, logo design, poster design, games, activity sheets, and a few hand drawings.

I hope you find something interesting and if you do please let me know!

I would be delightful to continue working on it or similar assignments!

"Languages can use a wide range of visual material. In all of these different modes, interpretation becomes an essential aspect of this process by which meaning is given and taken"

Stuart Hall 



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